Amazon LEX1 ReLo Music Requests

This website was originally created by SCTTZ in Warehouse Deals at LEX1, and is still maintained by the associate. This is an "on their own" deal, and isn't necessairly used by Amazon or any PA/AM. This project was more of a, "can I do this and see if it is recieved well?". I sat out right as WHD started to frequently play music and pass out papers asking for music requests. I saw that associates spent large amounts of time writing down on paper, and turning papers in randomly, or at end of shift, when Leadership had no time to really look at the requests. I thought, why not make a system where associates can request at any time, and management can view requests at any time and add those requests to the departments Spotify Playlist.

So, I sat out, and started to create a basic web-page where associates could enter their User ID, Shift, and Music Title, among many other things that management can use to review this data. Being something I do on my own, I decided I would host this on my personal webserver from home (this is why the website is slow to load, and sometimes wont load).

The original purpose was to create an environment where associates could request music at any point in time, whether that's while in the breakroom enjoying a snack, or at home when something comes across their mind. The WHD PA for that associate would review that request at some point, hopefully with in a few days, and either approve, or deny it on this website so that associates could see if they have a chance of hearing their request.
The PA would then add it to the departments playlist for that associates shift.

The beauty of this method is that over time, the playlist would grow large enough that it would become rare to hear the same song every other day, and also still allow associates, all associates, and equal chance to hear the music that they want to hear.

Another benefit of this system is that all associates would get the chance to hear music, that they would never hear otherwise. Instead of doing what some departments do and searching "top hits" or similar, we was able to generate a truly unique playlist, that catered to the department as a whole.

It is my hope, that this system will continue to be used in the future by all of LEX1 if interest grows, because it does create a genuine sense of being a part of a larger family where each associate is heard by all.

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