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5: You will not attack any users for their choice of music.
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7: Use of this system to submit requests is at your own will, you do not have to use this system.
8: This system may be taken offline at any time with little or no prior notice.
9: Should you be seen abusing this system in any manor, your account may become locked permanently
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11: While the PIN is hashed, there is no guarantee that this data can be protected. Do not use any pin or password that you would use anywhere else in your daily life
12: The data stored on this server is outside of Amazon, and as such, is not protected by Amazon.
13: If you forget your PIN, there is NO way to reset or retrieve it, in the future, your AM or PA can reset your account, and you can re-create it if needed.
14: Each and every login or account creation is recorded, some of the logged information is as follows - IP Address, Device OS, Browser Version, and any information that you enter.

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